Statistics Group

Technical Reports


10/10       Sufficient dimension reduction based on the Hellinger integral: a general unifying approach
                    Xiangrong Yin, Frank Critchley and Qin Wang

10/09       Towards information geometry on the space of all distributions
                    K. Anaya-Izquierdo, F. Critchley, P. Marriott and P. W. Vos

10/08       Statistical methods for the prospective detection of infectious disease outbreaks: A review
                    Steffen Unkel, C. Paddy Farrington, Paul H. Garthwaite, Chris Robertson and Nick Andrews

10/07       Sparse principal components based on clustering
                    Doyo Gragn and Nickolay T. Trendafilov

10/06       Semi-divisive gene clustering and sparse principal components
                    Doyo Gragn and Nickolay T. Trendafilov

10/05       Independent component analysis for three-way data with an application from atmospheric science
                    Steffen Unkel, Abdel Hannachi, Nickolay T. Trendafilov and Ian T. Jolliffe

10/04       Self-Controlled Case Series Analysis with Event-Dependent Observation Periods
                    C. Paddy Farrington, Karim Anaya, Heather J. Whitaker, Mounia N. Hocine, Ian Douglas and Liam Smeeth

10/03       Exploratory factor and principal component analyses: some new aspects
                    Nickolay T. Trendafilov, Steffen Unkel and Wojtek J. Krzanowski

10/02       Inverse Batschelet distributions
                    M. C. Jones and Arthur Pewsey

10/01       Perceptual maps: the good, the bad and the ugly
                    John Gower, Patrick Groenen, Michel Van de Velden and Karen Vines


09/14       Distribution shape and size, quivariance properties of the influence function, and transformation groups
                    Frank Critchley, Guobing Lu, Richard A. Atkinson and Dong Qian Want

09/13       Exploratory factor analysis of data matrices with more variables than observations
                    Nickolay T. Trendafilov and Steffen Unkel

09/12       Simultaneous parameter estimation in exploratory factor analysis: An expository review
                    Steffen Unkel and Nickolay T. Trendafilov

09/11       Confidence intervals for a binomial proportion in the presence of ties
                    Paul H. Garthwaite and John R. Crawford

09/10       sBarse: Sparse biplots component analysis
                    Doyo Gragn and Nickolay T. Trendalifov

09/09       Penalized varimax
                   Nickolay T. Trendalifov and Doyo Gragn

09/08       On Distributions Generated by Transformation of Scale
                   M. C. Jones

09/07       On maximisation of the Likelihood for the Generalised Gamma Distribution
                   Angela Noufaily & M. C. Jones

09/06       A hierarchical Bayesian space-time model for radioactivity deposition
                   Swarup De and Alvaro E. Faria

09/05       Between-Group Metrics
                   John C. Gower and Casper J. Albers

09/04       Epidemiological studies of the non-specific effects of vaccines: II - methodological issues in the design and analysis of cohort studies
                   C. Paddy Farrington, Martin J. Firth, Lawrence H. Moulton, Henrik Ravn, Per Kragh Andersen and Stephen Evans

09/03       Within-individual dependence in self-controlled case series models for recurrent events
                   C. Paddy Farrington and Mounia N. Hocine

09/02       On parameter orthogonality in symmetric and skew models
                   M. C. Jones

09/01       Distributions Generated by Transformation of Scale Using an Extended Schl÷milch Transformation
                   M. C. Jones


08/18       A relaxed approach to combinatorial problems in robustness and diagnostics
                   F. Critchley, M. Schyns, G. Haesbroeck, C. Fauconnier, G. Lu, R.A. Atkinson and D.Q. Wang

08/17       Invariant Coordinate Selection
                   David E. Tyler, Frank Critchley, Lutz Dűmbgen and Hannu Oja

08/16       Selection of Prior Weights for Weighted Model Averaging
                   Paul H. Garthwaite and Emmanuel Mubwandarikwa

08/15       Orthogonalization of Vectors with Minimal Adjustment
                   Paul H. Garthwaite, Frank Critchley and Emmanuel Mubwandarikwa

08/14       Distributions That are Both Log-Symmetric and R-Symmetric
                   M. C. Jones and Barry C. Arnold

08/13       Intervention and causality: forecasting traffic flows using a dynamic Bayesian network
                   Catriona M. Queen and Casper J. Albers

08/12       Forecasting traffic flows in road networks:  A graphical dynamic model approach
                   Catriona M. Queen and Casper J. Albers

08/11       Orthogonal simple component analysis
                   Karim Anaya-Izquierdo, Frank Critchley and Karen Vines

08/10       Some quadratic optimisation problems in psychometrics
                  Casper J. Albers

08/09       Maximum likelihood kernel density estimation: on the potential of convolution sieves
                  M.C. Jones and D.A. Henderson

08/08       The t Family and Their Close and Distant Relations
                  M.C. Jones

08/07       A Family of Distributions on the Circle with Links to, and Applications Arising From, M÷bius Transformation
                  S. Kato and M.C. Jones

08/05  08/06       Sinh-arcsinh distributions: a broad family giving rise to powerful tests of normality and symmetry
                            Chris Jones and Arthur Pewsey

08/05       Goodness of Fit Testing Using a Specific Density Estimate
                  Casper J.Albers and Willem Schaafsma

08/04       Explicit minimisation of a convex quadratic under a general quadratic constraint
                  Casper J. Albers, Frank Critchley and John C. Gower

08/03       Quadratic minimisation problems in statistics
                  Casper J. Albers, Frank Critchley and John C Gower

08/02       An Empirical Comparison of Techniques for Handling Incomplete Data When Using Decision Trees
                  Bhekisipho Twala

08/01       Intervention and causality in a dynamic Bayesian network
                  Catriona M. Queen and Casper J. Albers



07/13       The methodology of self-controlled case series studies
                  Heather J. Whitaker, Mounia N. Hocine and C. Paddy Farrington

07/12       RelaxMCD: smooth optimisation for the Minimum Covariance Determinant estimator
                  F. Critchley, M. Schyns, G. Haesbroeck and C. Fauconnier

07/11       Monitoring vaccine safety using case series CUSUM charts
                  Patrick Musonda, Mounia N. Hocine, Nick J. Andrews, C. Paddy Farrington

07/10       The Geometric Combination of Bayesian Forecasting Models
                  A.E.Faria and E.Mubwandraikwa

07/09       The Minimax Distribution: A Beta-Type Distribution With Some Tractability Advantages

07/08       Good methods for coping with missing data in decision trees
                  B.E.T.H. Twala, M.C.Jones, D.J.Hand                                                                                                

07/07       Sequential case series analysis for pharmacovigilance
                  M.N.Hocine, P.Musonda, N.J.Andrews and C.P.Farrington

07/06       Measures of disassortativeness and their application to directly transmitted infection
                  H.J. Whitaker, C.P. Farrington, J. Wallinga & P. Manfredi

07/05       On reciprocal symmetry

07/04       Forecast covariances in the linear multiregression dynamic model
                  Catriona M Queen, Ben J Wright and Casper J Albers

07/03        A bivariate F distribution with marginals on arbitrary numerator and denominator degrees of freedom,
                 and related bivariate beta and t distributions
                  A.H. El-Bassiouny & M.C. Jones

07/02        Eliciting a Directed Acyclic Graph for a Multivariate Time Series of Vehicle Counts in a Traffic Network
                   Catriona M Queen, Ben J Wright and Casper J Albers

07/01        Kernel-type density estimation on the unit interval
                   M.C.Jones & D.A. Henderson



06/14       Principal Axis Analysis
                  Frank Critchley, Ana Pires and ConceišŃo Amado

06/13       Group average representations in Euclidean distance cones
                  Casper J. Albers, Frank Critchley and John C. Gower

06/12       Case series analyses of censoring events
                  C.P. Farrington, H.J. Whitaker and M.N. Hocine

06/11       The Geometric Combination of Forecasting Models
                  A.E. Faria and E. Mubwandarikwa

06/10       A stochastic approximation method and its application to confidence intervals
                 P.H. Garthwaite and M.C. Jones

06/09       Relative error prediction via kernel regression smoothers
                 Heungsun Park, Key-Il Shin, M.C. Jones and S.K. Vines 

06/08       Self-controlled case series analyses: small sample performance.
                 Patrick Musonda, Mounia N. Hocine, Heather J. Whitaker and C. Paddy Farrington.

06/07       Quantifying Opinion about a Logistic Regression using Interactive Graphics
                 Paul H. Garthwaite & Shafeeqah A. Al-Awadhi

06/06       Improved double kernel local linear quantile regression
                 M.C.Jones & Keming Yu

06/05       Local Mixtures of the Negative Exponential Distribution
                 K.A.Anaya-Izquierdo & P.Marriott

06/04       Local Mixture Models of Exponential Families
                 K.A.Anaya-Izquierdo & P.Marriott

06/03       On a Class of Distributions Defined by the Relationship Between Their Density
                 and Distribution Functions

06/02       On a Class of Distributions with Simple Exponential Tails

06/01       The logistic and the log F distribution



05/15       Statistical Scientific Sensitivity Analysis: A Geometric Progression?
                  Frank Critchley (for accompanying diagram, click here)

05/14       Sample sizes for self-controlled case series studies
                  P. Musonda, C.P. Farrington and H.J. Whitaker

05/13       On case-crossover methods for environmental time-series data
                  H.J. Whitaker, M.N. Hocine and C.P. Farrington

05/12       Connecting Distributions with Power Tails on the Real Line, the Half Line and the Interval
                  M.C. Jones

05/11        Bayesian Model Averaging of Dynamic Linear Models
                  E. Mubwandarikwa, P.H. Garthwaite & A.E. Faria

05/10        Foundational issues in statistical inference
                  C.J. Albers, O.J.W.F. Kardaun, W. Schaafsma, A.G.M. Steerneman, A. Stein

05/09        Envelope plots of ordered Mahalanobis distances: uses and efficient generation
                  Frank Critchley, Guobing Lu and Richard A Atkinson

05/08        Covariance calculations in the linear multiregression dynamic model
                  B.J. Wright & C.M. Queen

05/07        Eliciting a DAG for a multivariate time series of vehicle counts in a traffic network
                  C.M. Queen & B.J. Wright

05/06        Density-Based Skewness and Kurtosis
                  Frank Critchley and M.C. Jones

05/05        Contact surface models for infectious diseases: estimation from serological survey data
                  C.P. Farrington & H.J. Whitaker

05/04        Matrix models for childhood infections: a Bayesian approach with applications to rubella and mumps
                  M.N. Kanaan & C.P. Farrington

05/03        Tutorial in Biostatistics: the self-controlled case series method
                  H.J. Whitaker, C.P. Farrington, B. Spiessens & P. Musonda

05/02        Semi-parametric analysis of case series data
                  C.P. Farrington & H.J. Whitaker

05/01        Maximum likelihood kernel density estimation
                  M.C. Jones & D.A. Henderson



                  Frank Critchley, Michael Schyns, Gentiane Haesbroeck, David Kinns, Richard A. Atkinson and Guobing Lu (for accompanying figures, click here)

04/12        A note on rescalings, reparametrizations and classes of distributions
                  M.C. Jones

04/11        Misclassification in a matched study
                  G.J. Prescott & P.H. Garthwaite

04/10        The Geometry of Biplot Scaling
                  J.C. Gower

04/09        Nonlinearity Effects in Multidimensional Scaling
                  J.C. Gower & R.F. Ngouenet

04/08        An Application of the Modified Leverriet-Faddeev algorithm to the singular value

                  decomposition of block-circulant matrics and the spectral decomposition of

                  symmetric block-circulant matrics
                  J.C. Gower

04/07        A Family of Symmetric Distributions on the Circle
                  M.C. Jones & A. Pewsey

04/06        Local Linear Density Estimation for Filtered Survival Data, with Bias Correction
                  Jens Perch Nielsen, Carsten Tanggaard & M.C. Jones

04/05        The Uniform Mixture of Generalized Arc-Sine Distributions
                  M.C. Jones.

04/04        Estimation of Infectious Disease Parameters From Serological Survey Data:

                  The Impact of Regular Epidemics
                  H.J. Whitaker & C.P. Farrington

04/03        Infections with Varying Contact Rates: Application to Varicella
                  H.J. Whitaker & C.P. Farrington

04/02        Defeating the Homogeneity Assumption
                  A. DeRoeck, A. Sarkar, Paul H. Garthwaite

04/01        Elicitation
                  Paul H. Garthwaite Joseph B. Kadane & Anthony O'Hagan