Statistics Group

Seminars 2007

14th December   

    11.00am    Tom Snijders (Oxford University)

    Statistical Modelling of Social Network Dynamics


30th November

    11.00am    Richard Chandler (University College London)

    Space-time Modelling Using Independence and Generalised Estimating Equations


6th July

    10.00am    Research Students' Day

    Room CMR6


27th April

    11.00am    Christl Donnelly (Imperial College London)

    TB in cattle and badgers - An epidemiological challenge


16th March

    Internal Research Morning


9th March

    11.00am    Steffen Lauritzen (University of Oxford)

    Graphical models with edge and vertex symmetries


16th February

    11.00am    Adrian Bowman (University of Glasgow)

    Statistics with a human face


19th January

    11.00am    Frank Ball (University of Nottingham)

    Statistical inference for epidemics among a population of households



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